Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Talking Tiny

Ahhh is like having an itch scratched in ways, right? 
I'm joining Friday Pretties today in celebration!

These tiny doll quilts are pretty to me today. 
The one on the left is postage stamp size squares and it was found at a flea market. 
My mother made the one on the right :) 

This antique doll cradle is waiting *I guess* for a future grand child of the female sort.  Girls they play dolls anymore? 

Doll quilts are simple, fast and fun with NO RULES! 

I'm suggesting that we all grab a girl...sit down and stitch a wee quilt and pass on a cute little skill while showing some love :) 
I'd LOVE to see any miniature quilts you you? 
Shall I host a show?