Saturday, August 14, 2010

Acquisitions De La Semaine

We have a winner in the BURLAP LAUGH OFF contest! 
(and her bag will be in the mail!)

Louise was not only the one that prompted my giggle but she did it in a split-second after I hit the PUBLISH button! 

I have to say to Mosaic Magpie that I had to go to URBAN DICTIONARY for help on her submission and then I felt dumb for not getting it!

Blessedmom had a funny and sweet story about her older child and her twins :) I love how my older ones watch out for the younger one. 

Thanks for playing y'all! 

To tell you about my photos...
I have inherited many things of late that were my very special uncle's! 
He still had all his childhood toys and his bear is now under a cloche on my mantel dressed in tatting, a silk bow and a pocket watch that my aunt gave me. 
I can't stop looking at it!

The chairs above I found at the Goodwill on half price day. 
I got them both for $9. 
My boys said they look like an old grandma should have them!
They will quickly be sold in my flea market booth unless one of you comes to get them soon...

Ready for some sweetness? 
Below are our new family members. This kitty just finished raising a litter and we kept one little guy.
He (Beckham) is 4 months old and loves to lie with this part of his family and watch in awe. Our very old large hairy dog who is an experienced mother in her own right...also lies within nose distance of this scene. 
They are all so smitten with each other it is a PEACEABLE KINGDOM and so very cute to watch! 
On top of that...I brought my uncle's stereo and some cds home and have them streaming in the garage...
These animals think they have died and gone to heaven, I suppose! 
They are currently listening to the soundtrack from Pride and Prejudice. 

Did you have any acquisitions this semaine?