Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Husband Sells Grass

I'm not talking about Mary Wanna either...this is a running joke with our OB doctor ...about my husband's shady occupation! 

The bags he uses to store the farmer's fescue (grass that is...) is some kind of fiber...synthetic...Polly Esther (no kin to Mary Wanna whatsoever...).
Twenty-five years ago somebody he dealt with stacked him up with these burlap pieces and for some unknown reason...
he kept them :) 
And I didn't know about them until this week when somebody said to me,
"Give these back to your husband, I borrowed them"

I have tons of *vintage* burlap with words on it!
DO wonders never cease???

I will be putting them up for sale at some point but first I want to give one away :)
I LOVE TO LAUGH and I don't want anything distasteful careful, okay? 
Leave comments that will make me giggle and I'll award the burlap to the one that is the funniest!  (no pressure, right?)
If you have time...please tell also what you intend to do with the prize! 

Good luck and Godspeed ;)