Friday, August 6, 2010

Bring on the Bountiful Harvest

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Oh happy wooden tray of mine...
I can't wait to fill you once again...
with Autumn delights.
And tea lights.

I am no poet, but my favorite season 
makes me wax eloquent...

I get misty over spotty apples grown, not purchased...and I remember the bellyfull of them I ate one year trying to get sick so I could miss school the next day (when all I really did was ward off something eating so otherwise I'd surely have had a box of Hostess something-or-others...)

The dog days don't delight and I don't dig a midsummer's night.
A dream though?
YES :) 

Like right now, I'm dreaming that I didn't break this wonderful ironstone bowl. 
Oh yes I did.
And that I find more of these wonderful napkins...
I want to bathe with them.

Is your Autumn nest as delightful as your summer one? 
Can I come see it? 
*big toothy grin*