Monday, August 2, 2010

About That 24 Hours...

Well you all had me intrigued with your ideas about how to spend 24 hours.

It appears that everyone needs rest and a bath~
and most everyone wanted to do some crafting, movie watching and sip on something.
A couple wanted to read their on the beach! Oh and a couple to the mountains for a view...which reminds me...
I have a recurring dream that when I go out my front door I can see the mountains and when I go out my back door I can see the ocean. Would that be fun, living sandwiched between the two? 
I'd LOVE it!

So...what would I do with my 24 hours? (besides the wonderful things you all said...) 
I'd do a photo-session in our woods with someone. Hopefully they wouldn't run away this time :)
Today I got a new lens for my Canon Rebel.

Who wants to be photographed?