Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Good morning!
How do you like your eggs? 
Getting rid of two roosters had it's benefits for our one hen :)
It was so fun and funny to discover eggs as if we thought it really didn't ever happen...or wouldn't for us at least!
I keep thinking of the old Green Acres show and Lisa Douglas played by Eva Gabor LOL...not sure I'm a country girl but not sure I'm NOT either! 
Life is an adventure and I love to try new things. Do you? 
We picked up some magazines on chickens yesterday and were surprised at how many different breeds there are. Some that look like Maltese dogs! 
I may soon have a white furball of a chicken in my pet purse walking thru the mall like some kind of Paris Hilton LOL! 
(I don't think so :)

The t.v. is squawking about PET HOARDERS as I type. Some lady has 250 cats in her house. Pew. 


Happy Anniversary friend Cookie!!!!