Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello friends!

Well the time came to part with a few of our feathered friends...
One child helped me raise them and he helped me gather them for a trip to the local trailer park :)
We don't have a coop and were scooping a lot of ___ :o!

I knew they'd be a welcome sight among the Hispanic community. 
They warned me what would become of them and my child insisted we bring two back home. I agreed if he would put them back in the makeshift coop he built....and thankfully we learned one is actually a hen :) we have one of each now and they are 4 months old. 
I asked mi amigas today if the inevitable had happened feeling sure I'd be invited for POLLO...only to find that they had two roosters in their bathtub!!!  Now how about that! They moved up in the world! 
The kids in that home had not been around chickens before and were having a fun time imitating them. 
And no....I was not going to dine no matter what they served up. 

RANDOM is a word I'm hearing kids use often now in the spirit of RANDOM are a few things:

*I have been to church camp with 12 teenagers and had a blast. Very exhausting but very rewarding too! 

*I am so very thankful that sad "oil LEAK (ha)" is sealed for now.

*I won a Haiku writing contest at Karen's today! I'm excited because I LOVE those Gooseberry Patch books and that is the prize...thank you Karen!!! (she is soooo generous always)

*Our cat has a very rotund belly. Again.

*Today at Hobby Lobby I met a lady who asked the name of my blog :) Hello if you are reading!

*I bought two Christmas gifts while I was there. 

*I'm hooked on a YouTube channel of a teenage girl who talks about makeup...she is just very well spoken and pretty...I predict we will be seeing more of Meganheartsmakeup :) Although I am impressionable and she is making me want to shop and saying words like "Nordstroms"....I should probably shield my eyes from her.

*I wish I could go to sleep and wake up in October. 

See you soon!