Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fine Feathered Friends

Our chickens line up on the railing at 7:00 each night. 
I've been letting them stay out and play in the yard. The cats love them and vice versa. It has been so funny watching all of them. 
We discovered a Wren's nest in the wreath on the front porch. 
The cute little eggs remind me of Easter candy :) 
I made that wreath years ago using copies of photos that had been laminated with a hole punched for a ribbon :) 

This little turkey got separated from his Mama and I was filling was all going rather nicely until he escaped the cage while we were away. 
He sure was a sweetie! 

Today in Kentucky the zucchini has been picked and the Chocolate Zucchini bread is in the oven! 
Stay cool! (assuming you are already ;)