Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Heart Nashville, Macarons and Art

I had my first macaron today :) 
And my second. 

These came from the Province bakery in Nashville...the "Athens of the South" nicknamed because of the Parthenon replica in my rear view mirror! 

It was wonderful to see the blue skies above the city still drying out from the historic flood waters. 
Although...things change quickly in Tennessee!!! 
Those blue skies got ugly fast and I had my wipers going full speed as we left town. 
I chaperoned a field trip today with my highschool boys. 
First we viewed old masters paintings at the Frist center. 
Then we were invited to put our own brush to the paper...
here is mine :) 

Finally we toured the Chihuly exhibit of blown glass. 
I intend to see the rest of the exhibit at other locations in Nashville (there all summer) at the Cheekwood gardens. 
I SO wanted to take pics today to share with you but they didn't allow it :( 

My friend Cookie would refer to this roadtrip a "cultural experience". 
Cookie can make a visit to the barber a cultural experience...
It is so nice to shake up the routine and do something you normally don't :)
Have you experienced anything new and exciting lately?