Monday, May 10, 2010

*Party for Cookie*

My friend Cookie is a treat! 

It was time to surprise her and spoil her.
I invited her closest friends to my enchanted woods!
We took out lots of odd tables and chairs,then dressed them up. 
I told Cookie a lie...I had found a wildflower garden and needed help identifying the flowers!
What a gullible girl!
Her best friends soon came out caroling the birthday song and then the surprise was out :)

Cookie loves the color Azure and we joke about it a lot :) 

That is why I got the Pom from an etsy shop. 
Everyone said I could have made it myself because Martha showed it on her website. 
Now I know! 

These almond cookies ,I made and they are very popular anytime I serve them! 

I also made chocolate truffle cookies (will have to search for that recipe again!) 
They are also very good. I've decided if the word "truffle" is in anything it is delicious!

Friend Jill made these stuffed strawberries. 
The filling is cream cheese and powdered sugar. 
She says to cut the green leafy bottoms off and then stand them up, cut an X in the tip and pipe in the filling :) Wonderful!!!