Friday, May 7, 2010

See where I used to walk?  Me neither!  
Actually, the sidewalk has appeared in the last two days (not that I have used it LOL) 
Our boys went back to school and I had to go there today...MUD everywhere!  You can tell the world has been covered in water recently. My husband said that this was a 1000 year record for this area in rainfall (I'd hate to be the person who had to figure that fact up!) 
They say it is raining right now in Nashville...not good as much of it is still under water. 

I'll take the RC!

We were shocked by this sight before we saw the television stories out of Nashville. 
Now get ready for cuteness!

Give this away?
I don't think so! 

I want to tell you how FUNNY your comments were and how I laughed...and my husband too! 
I also enjoyed the music videos that were shared :)

I want to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day and a Happy Birthday to my friend Cookie :) 
I've shared a snippet from her surprise party in my will get to see more from it in a few days~