Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talking Points

We have Monica Lewinsky to thank for today's blog title :)
Remember her? 
 She has great eyebrows best I recall. 

From the Media Department of this blog: 
(you didn't know we had one?)

 Well, it's....kind of NEW :) 
Books I've read recently and am now recommending! 
I don't often take the time to read so this is HUGE!
You will find Elizabeth Bard's blog by the same name as her book, "Lunch in Paris" ...in my sidebar :) 
I indulged in this true story while in that little cabin in the woods...by the amazing waterfall, remember? 
Scroll down newcomers...you will find it :) 

Then there is Chocolate Covered Friendship by Bethany Thouin and Angela Fox. This is a duet composed of an award winning chocolatier and a Christian author who know what chocolate and friendship have in common. 
I visited Bethany's chocolate shop this week in Nashville, Tn. DELICIOUS!! 
My photos from that day will have to be retrieved at Sam's soon...(is there no end to technical difficulties?) 

And last but not least is...Pat the Bunny! My all time favorite interactive read. 
If you don't have this book...go grab it...like I just did. 
I will share it with any little people who come in to visit. It is so fun to put your finger in mommy's ring and touch daddy's scratchy face!  My children each actually ATE their copy of the book as they slobbered and chewed on each page while touching and learning (I can attribute many of their current smarts on this piece of literature!) I can brag and say that they all mastered the skill of each page at the age of 10 months :) Two of them walked at that age as well. Pat. The. Bunny. 

I do wish the font would stay put...
I know I'm the last on earth to see this film...but in case I'm not...and you haven't seen it...
go get it.
 And tell me...what should I see next? 

From the snuggly department: 


Baby nieces on Easter are adorable things! 

This doll below is awaiting repair from the doll master (mistress, actually...my mother :)
I thought these two photos belonged together.  
Here is the official "before" of the doll...I will try and remember to let you see her after her makeover :)