Thursday, April 15, 2010

To Do List:

1) Clean out my shabby closet! 

Like an overgrown garden full of weeds,
my closet is bursting with clothes
(thankful I am!)

If only there was a SPRAY that would whisk the
unwanteds away...

2) Plants are waiting on the front porch for me to pot. 

I have Lavender, Double Impatiens and ohhh what are they called...________ Bells :) (senior moment...) which will trail out of the pot. 
Oh and Spikes! Is that their official name? 

Thinking out loud...I need some new chairs for the porch! 
And here is the one I want...which I've seen while traveling and didn't have a truck. I am in an area of Mennonite (or Amish, people) so I hope to find this chair soon. Do you like it? 
If I buy 10 of them will some of you come and gather on my porch? Then I'll drive you to a Mennonite bakery up the road for some Sticky Buns! Ha! 

3)  OH why is there a number three...old number three...
I must pay my speeding ticket...earned yesterday racing from hither to yon and did I get there any faster?