Thursday, March 25, 2010

Read This

There is a stitching group going on that I am having fun watching. I like this freestyle grid design and think maybe I'd like to do this! 
It has been years since I stitched anything. Back then I overdid it...stitch, stitch, sleep, eat, stitch, stitch...were you that way? 
I always had this fantasy of having my piece sell for thousands of dollars someday as an antique. 
A friend told me though that she had the FEAR her kids would sell hers for a penny at a yard sale. 
It does happen! 
Speaking of stitches...oh man this post is all over the place...I'm too old for attention deficit I think...maybe closer to  Alzheimer's...I forget...anyway, 

I have to tell you about a GIVEAWAY . Scroll down to the 24th of March post. There isn't much competition so chances are good! I don't have a daughter but love lots of little girls who would be so pretty wearing this. 
The one in the photo is the daughter of the friend many of you made bookmarks for. 
She is in ICU now...her cancer and treatment lowered her resistance and she got a viral Pneumonia...every minute is in limbo for her. 
I am so pulling for this family and have been looking at pictures I have from last year of little Sadie. 

It is a rainy and cold day on the Kentucky/ Tennessee border! 
Spring Break is soon and we are going to see a waterfall that a blogger wrote about. I hope to get some nice photos. I'm really hoping the rhododendrons are in bloom on the mountain! 

In the comments today I want to hear about your last or most memorable "back to nature" experience :) 
Mine always involve my parents and the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tn. ...hikes, cookouts, baby bears and running water! Wish I had a nickel for every time I slipped into that creek and got soaked!