Thursday, March 11, 2010

Diggin' up bones

I am not normally a t.v. watcher as nothing ever holds my interest!  (I tend to compare most things to your blogs!)
But NOW...haha...I'm loving these two shows~Have you seen either? 

Faces of America  is found online thankfully, and I've watched two of these so far. I watched Know Thyself and Making America. I hope you will find time to view them and discuss with me! There are four shows in the series...each one is an hour long I think.

Who Do You Think You Are?  is a new series on NBC, Friday nights at 7 o'clock central time.  The first show had me hooked although I am not a Sarah Jessica Parker fan...I really felt for her as she discovered things about her own ancestors. I didn't think I wanted to trace mine any further but now think I'd like to! 

Do you care about what trials or successes your ancestors had? Do you think your future has anything to do with what has gone on before in your family? 

Weigh in blogfamily :)