Monday, March 8, 2010

Cellulite and Nyquil

Good Monday morning friend! 

I wanted to remind you of the joys of lemon curd if you had forgotten of late...
I've been playing with some little tins and some dough...
I am sorry I don't have a finished tart to show you...
something final happened! 
It might require some activity on my part...another rock climb, maybe? 
From the look of things out my window I'd dare say that days spent in a swimsuit cannot be far into the future! 
How scary! 
More so than Halloween! 

But I have a really bad head cold...
Isn't citrus a thing to battle a cold with? 
Lemon tarts have citrus...
*heading to the kitchen* ;)


An angel blogger sent me this frame at Christmas...
then a neighbor gave me a bag of old linens...and I found an old embroidered napkin with my initial on it. 
If that old napkin had been around here much longer I probably would have blown my nose on ...good thing it is safely under glass! 

Please go by The French Bear on Tuesday and tell Margaret *Happy Birthday*!!! 
(Also a note from my friend Misty with bone cancer...she says to tell you all thank you so much for the creative bookmarks. She apologized for not saying so sooner. 
She is still in her radiation treatments on her spine and will start chemo pills when those are done. )