Monday, March 1, 2010

Soup and a quilt...

made chicken noodle soup the other day and I paid close attention!  I used homemade Amish noodles which I found at Trader Joe's in Nashville.
OH how I'd love to have that store closer by!  And a Whole Foods too while I'm wishing...

Thankfully I can get Diet Pepsi here :)

Oh joy!
Thanks for the soup lesson Kathy!
It is sooo good.


Have you been to the Haiti By Hand etsy shop?
Rebecca Sower who turns out to be my NEIGHBOR (what a small world...) set up this shop as she is and has been helping Haitian women sell their crafts to be able to provide for themselves and their families.
This is my donation this week :)
A doll quilt and pillow.
If you are interested in purchasing this for it here.
She will get it posted in a day or so.
March 1st they say today is...
I'm staring at 48 next week...YIKES. 
Every year, same reaction. YIKES. 
And so I eat and I do laundry.