Saturday, February 27, 2010

Have you met Smilebox?

Click to play this Smilebox recipe: Hot Chocolate
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This is the most fun to play with!
(the child is a neighbor of mine:)

There are so many ways to use your photos and I use the free Basic version.

I am always hesitant to call anything "French" because I have Mrs. Jojo who reads and is the real thing :) and I'm quite sure bloggers label lots of things "French" that maybe aren't.
Anyway....I found the recipe online and just copied it.

We shall let Mrs. Jojo give her opinion and tell us...
is there a better way to make hot chocolate?

My mother always made homemade hot chocolate for us.
She used powdered cocoa, milk, sugar and vanilla.

I maybe should think about starting a blog called SUGARFIX if someone hasn't already done that does seem like I talk about sweets a lot! Or maybe I should take up kick boxing and knitting to get myself onto another subject???
Weigh in bloggers...what should I do?