Saturday, February 20, 2010


It was warm in Kentucky today! 
We went to our favorite high place :) 
Stagecoaches used to use this rock as a meeting place. Trading happened here. 
Although snow is still piled in places my boys were able to wear some short sleeves and shorts. 
Look at the view of the farm below!

Someone found a face in the rock and spray painted it in! 
There are years and years of graffiti all over the rock. 

See the road below and the snow next to it?
 It was 61 degrees F today! 
We saw 5 other people up there. They engaged us in a snowball fight :) 
We talked about how much more fun this was than playing video games. 
(which is what my boys probably would have been doing....)

One of my boys will be 16 on Monday! I'll call him the thinker because he is a straight A student :)  I slipped once on some ice and nearly went down into a cave! 
Next time I might have to do it on purpose...looked kind of interesting down there....maybe should bring a flashlight and a sandwich though...;)
Would you go in a cave with me?