Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Post Valentine's Day Post

Mail love is pouring in for my friend with the recent cancer diagnosis. I can't thank you all enough! 
I got comfort from these...I pray she does as well. She is not doing well with 3 fractures/tumors in her spine. Radiation starts this Thursday for her.

First up we have a bookmark from Betsy that I love!  And a photo of the Eiffel Tower and a letter from Jo-jo so pretty :)

How'd these slip in?
Two sweet Valentines from blog friends
Lea  and Tia  ...I LOVE THEM!

And the cards as well ;)

This wonderful handpainted Dogwood blossom came all the way from Italy! Monica you are so sweet. 
A little bird told me to lay off the sugar!  
But I listened to the angels instead... 
(more pie pics below...I don't understand the loading order of photos in this new blogger...and mine won't drag where I want them...)
Back to the bookmark conversation! I guess you think I jump from one subject to another! Ha!
This is the bookmark sent from Tia (link above :) 
I think the back and front are both wonderful and that I could get married wearing this one! 

Sooo romantical :) 

Betty  is this Valentine for me? 
I love Fluffy Ruffles! This makes me think of you too :) 
Lena  always does an amazing artistic job on things. She sent two bookmarks so I could keep one :) 
I'm blown away by the weave in this heart! 
Thank you so much! Betty's bookmark is perfect for my friend.  Thanks everyone!!!

Time for dessert! 
I worked on my crust skills this week because Mr. Blissity requested a chocolate meringue pie for his Valentine. 
I'm happy with the way it looked...

Happier though with the filling :) 
And the meringue OHHHH! I should be whipped...
In the comments today... I want to hear your happy PIE memories...
I forgot to tell you...your breakfast memories were GREAT!!! I loved them all. 
My grandmother made chocolate meringue pie and I crammed it in my mouth without thinking of her amazing sacrifice. 
She was diabetic and couldn't have any. 
She never broke the diet rules.