Monday, February 8, 2010

Morning Has Broken

A new day, a new week! Are your plans made or are you a kind of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type girl? 
I make very few plans and try to stay flexible because I have 3 school kids and 5 elderly family members who need me on occasion. 
I would not enjoy a schedule and thank heavens I don't have one! 
I'm sharing with you the bookmark I made for my friend who will get her diagnosis today at noon. She has a fractured spine with a tumor there. If you would pray for Misty and family she would be grateful. Thank you to those of you who are making her encouraging bookmarks! I will show them as they come in :) 
The ribbon on mine says, "You are a gift" and it (the ribbon) came from Big Lots. 

In the kitchen this week:
I took Pioneer Woman's recipe (hers is a sweet one with icing) and left out the sugar, then I added bacon, monterey jack cheese and pecans. 
I will agree that it is an unusual combination...but it was what I thought sounded good...and...
guess what?
It was good! 

Won't you have breakfast with me today? 
In the comments I want to hear about a breakfast that stands out in your memory...

Two come to mind for me...

1) when I was a little girl my mother left me at the table with a bowl of strawberries tossed in sugar and said she was going to the garden...
I wasn't too fruity back then I guess...I flushed them! 

I'll give you a second to get over that one...

2)I was 21 years Hawaii with my parents (the best friends a girl could ever have!!!) and the spread at our hotel was so incredible. My favorite thing was the danish filled with fresh coconut. I think you could grate the freshest coconut in all of the mainland and not find any that tasted that way. The pineapple there also tastes better than any I could buy here. 
Can't wait to someday have that treat again!