Friday, February 5, 2010

Masculine and Feminine

Before we get to the topic...this is the scene from a window in our house last weekend!  It is rare that we get such a snow in Western Kentucky!  We really did enjoy it.  They are calling for an inch this weekend and I can't wait :)
Winter is wonderful for me!
Speaking of flea market finds...Oh, you weren't?  Well you usually do so was payday today at our local flea market where I have a booth.  I had to walk around you know...for exercise and all ;) and ended up doing my part to support the place.
I love gentlemanly antiques and these bowties for a dollar each have charmed my socks off!  I want them framed and hanging in our boys' bathroom.  I have an old Munsingwear underwear ad that might go nicely :) Are you FELINE the love?
(my friend Cookie is to blame for any punning around I do...the girl can't stop and I guess it is contagious...maybe they will develop an innoculation before long...)
As for the feminine well!  These old photos don't disappoint, do they?  $8 bought this.
It is perched on a shelf...c'mon up and see it!
(I guess you will have to click to embiggen...bad blogger won't make the pic smaller)