Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Two Post Day!

I know there's hardly a day that I'm not asking you my friends to do something! You hardly get any rest at all!
It's just that...I have a friend...and she is 35 years old...and it appears as if she will get her official diagnosis any day now of Multiple Myeloma...that is bone cancer.
She has a fractured spine with a tumor there. This has all come about rather quickly and I feel frustrated because we are many states apart. She has a two year old girl and a 7 year old boy and a wonderful husband.
What I thought I could do with your help is send encouragement she could read in the form of words/verses on bookmarks! It would be nice I thought to pull one out each day and read someone's sweet words.
The size I have posted I think will be about right. I may put them in a small decorated box.
Participants may email me, .
Oh how I thank you!
Now don't on about the excitement that is POSOLE :)
Many of us have tons of snow on the way!!! Do you have your batteries, candles and matches and milk and chocolate for heavens sake?

Dia de Posole!

Posole is a soup I recently tried at the home of a Hispanic friend. Sometimes I am afraid to taste things I see on her stove! Once I tried *unknowingly* Cow tongue tacos!
I didn't die but.... ;)
Well this soup was so delicious I could NOT get it off my mind and there it was featured on Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen the very next day I tried it.
So I invited my friend and her friend and her baby Maida over to teach me to make it!

Due to playing with Maida more than watching in the cocina...I didn't learn how to do it! LOL! What would you have done??? I see that she poured the broth off of the pork roast and didn't use it at all which surprised me. The other main ingredient is hominy...followed by chile peppers (this is just the skin basically which has been soaked and then pureed and is not hot).

On top of each bowl goes chopped onion, jalepenos (I love them...heat included!) and cabbage! If you are an adventurous eater...I recommend this soup :)
You might want to hold off on the cow tongue tacos though...
edited to say...there are people worldwide who would LOVE to be able to eat cow tongue and I am so blessed and fortunate Thank you God! and I am praying for those very people ...
Note to self:
Don't forget to get a new usb for the Canon Rebel so your photos will be better...the old Kodak Easyshare isn't cutting it...What?
You say I should cut it?