Friday, December 31, 2010

One, one, one, one!

1-1-2011 eve, that is...

i've seen such eloquent posts on this
subject...people waxing nostalgic
about last year...
i'm intimidated to post anything!
can i just say that 
you are awesome friends and that 
i look forward to 2011
with you being a special part
of it? 
okay, done! 
thank you :)

earlier i told you about the piece 
of ceiling tin
i'd purchased. 
here she is! 
still leaning where i left her in the garage.
i can't think how to make
her hangable...

i'd like her over this chippy and shabby
piece with marble top 
(a marriage of items given to me by a sweet friend)
i LOVE these in the garage. 

here are three items waiting for 
(like my face and thighs...tap, tap, tap...)
i have an eight dollar investment
in these three...with intentions 
to resell in my flea market booth...
i already have that *i wanna keep them*
feeling :/

i see some of you talking about what you are reading...
and some lamenting that paper reading materials
will soon be gone, leaving us with
only ebooks and ezines...
the trees i know are excited about that. 
i have stockpiled reading materials
which probably 
will not hold my attention in the end...
losing out to YOUR awesome blogs :)

you like my towels? 
i just saw one of those on a blog too and had to 
stare at mine for awhile. 
i love 'em. and you.
over and out until 2011!


see you there! said...

Look at all that good stuff. I like the iron (?) stand the chalkboard is on. Well, I like everything. You could probably just ship me your flea market booth in its entirety, LOL!

Happy New Year Auntie B.

Darla Sue to You

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh no...ship half your booth to Darla and the other half to me. LOL My hubby would kill me. I have a few projects out in the garage too. I love that ceiling tin too. What about making a frame for it and using it as a cool message board?
wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!!

Kate said...

Happy to New Year to you and your loved ones!!!! Love love your blog!!!


Kathleen Grace said...

Love that bed tray! Have you thought of framing the ceiling tin to make it easier to hang? You might also find some adhesive hanger thingys at the hardwre store. Happy New Year Phyllis! Wishing you many many blessings and much happiness in the New Year:>)

The French Bear said...

Love you Missy, love this blog, love my God and I am truly blessed for knowing you!!!!
Big Hugs,
Margaret B

Paige Thomas King said...

Love the "one-one-one-one" thing! Hadn't thought of it that way! I also love that ceiling tin. where are you wanting to hang it? i have a few ideas, but won't waste your time until I know how you plan to use it.
happy new year--i think it's wonderful to have you as a friend, too!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Happy New Year!
Take Care,

La Table De Nana said...

Great pieces! Love the towels..and magazine rack:)

No need to be eloquent! Happy New Year!

Virginia said...

Just wanted to stop to wish you a Happy New Year! May it be a good year to you and yours...full of health and happiness.
Much Blessings,

Diane said...

Happy New Year Dear girlfriend~ Cheers to a Very Happy 2011 Hugs, Diane

Jojo Caramel said...

Belle et douce année 2011 !!!
Hugs xo

Karen said...

Happy New Year and I look forward to spending 2011 with you..
God Bless

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Happy New Year! You could use the tin tile as a back splash behind your stove. You could donate the books to a book swap, and personally I don't think books will ever go out of style! Looking forward to spending more time "visiting" with you in 2011!


antiquechase said...

Okay!! I have a wicker planter like this sitting in the garage... I think I need to go grab it and bring it in for magazines! Of couse I probably should hose it off