Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hunger and a Giveaway

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karen is one generous blogger, isn't she?


i'm having trouble getting into the season!
i can't shake the woes of the haitians, etc. etc. 
makes my decorating and cooking feel ...
like a waste i guess. 

people are suffering and i'm eating fudge???
my kids have everything. 
their worst problem is that the power might go off 
before they reach the next level of their
video game.

(i can hear someone say "well jump on a plane then")
i really would like to (i think)
i've seen blogs of people who are there... (it is not for the weak of heart)
and read about babies who can't get milk from women 
who didn't get water today. 
i read about a set of 6 week old twins who are starving.
i'm praying hard for them
and donating too. 
money...not milk ;)
but it is an overwhelming thing these givers are doing,
going places like that and forfeiting
comfort and joy in america
*and other countries*
to go and bless in poverty stricken, dirty places
(what a blissful post this is!!!)
they are being obedient and will be 
blessed for their giving! 
let's lift them up and ask God for stamina 
and supplies for them...
and those they are serving.
it would be awful to have an empty belly for sure...
but to not be able to fill your child's belly???


i wanted to ask for your help actually today
on another subject :) 
i KNOW there has to be some used mp3's of any sort
out there...
and i want to spend $15 or less...
i haven't found this situation online anywhere,
but feel it is a reasonable request. 
do any of you have old ones to sell? 
i'll need the chargers too. 
a couple of teenagers that go to camp
each year watch the other kids with 
their iPods, etc. and i think
they would like their own. 
Awesome :) 

maybe next time you come by will be a little more
blissful :) 

i want to share a pet peeve...
the song
"let it snow" HA! go figure...
well it plays like, round the clock in malls and on 
the radio starting the day after halloween.
it rarely ever snows here until after christmas.
1)it isn't a christmas song
2)"since we have no place to go"???

i am counting how many times i hear it...i should have 
a tally after the gifts are all opened. 
what is your guess? 
who said GIVEAWAY just now? LOL! 
drop a number on me and i'll award someone on Dec. 26th if 
you remind me! 



Lena said...

Hi Phyllis,

Well, I stay away from most of the malls and rarely do a lot of shopping trips, so I don't really hear the music play over and over again. I like that particular song a lot though. LOL! I sing it alot! You know me and my snow.

Anyhow, I do know how you're feeling about things. It's a tough time of year for me too, thinking about so many needs, and how to spread the giving out. In our family a lot of thought has gone into "less" over the years when it comes to our personal giving. That way, we have more to give to others, who truly need it. Balance in all things, it's hard sometimes.

MP3's....what a good idea. We don't have them. Young Mr. Staggs has one, but it's his only, and pretty old now, but I'll ask him to ask his friends. I think some of them are always updating to newer and better.

You take care, and enjoy the season. It helps I think, to spend some real quiet time with yourself. Just putter. Stay away from the stores for a couple of days,and hold your good thoughts. I believe in the energy of those. You call them prayers. They make a difference. Truly.

Love you,

Kathleen Grace said...

I'm still in the dark ages, I don't have an MP3 player, so I can't help with that. Someone MUST have one though. Maybe after Christmas when someone gets their fabulous new one they woudl be willing to part with the old?
I do care about the poor and starving in the world. We give year round to many charities that help those in need, not just Christmas. I was just thinking today that the Christmas season seems to have turned into a big guilt trip for many of us because we have been blessed. I refuse to feel guilty. That is just the way it is. I consider it an opportunity to extend myself to others and help where I can, but not all of us can hop on a plane. Our Christmas giving is and always has been pretty spare. No big ticket items get purchased, but we try to fill our time with baking, and family time and worship. We can all do a little, but we shouldn't feel badly because we have more.

see you there! said...

Seeing all the shopping and seeing all the poor it makes for a hard time doesn't it?

My "giving" this year is going to a homeless family that is living in their car.


The French Bear said...

This is a hard time of year, I try to keep it simple....I make all my gifts, everyone just gets one thing....and some sort of baked treat. It's hard cause this is when I miss my Mom the most!!!! I also have my niece who has no Mom since my sister I feel guilty that her daughter has no Gramma....but I try!!!
Thank you for my doll hat, sorry, I should have emailed you that it came. I will ask around about the ipods or MP3 players.
Margaret B

Jojo Caramel said...

No MP3 here, but i hope that you will find one. Thanks for your lovely comment. The exhibition of the Musée D'Orsay must be lovely. We have been there several times, and we love that museum. Which was an old railway station. The building is beautiful situated in the centre of Paris on the banks of the Seine.
I am delighted that K is pleased to wear his scarf :-) I'm knitting one for Clara, as i've just received a wonderful 100% new wool from London :-)

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I do not know anything about ipods or the charger thingys., I am not even sure if "thingys" is a real word or not. I do know how you are feeling now. This Christmas is tough on a lot of people. I think most have forgotten why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. OK, even of me being a Scooge. Not sure if that's right either. LOL. I am a terrible speller. I not sure how many times I have heard the song. I would guess I least 5, because I do not go to the mall at all. Now, with all that being said, I know how you can help out the hungry. Visit my blog and check out Feeding the Hungry link. Oh yea and enter me in your give a way because if I win I will pass it on to someone that can use whatever you are giving away.
Blessings and Merry Christmas,

Polish and Pearls said...

You know what "Christmas" song I can't stand? The one called "Dear Mr.Jesus". The message is very, very clear, and I'm not arguing that child abuse isn't definitely heartwrenching and horrendous, but it's not a Christmas song, so I don't understand why the Christmas stations play it?