Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not Folding Shirts

weatherman says today will be our last day of mid-range temps
it is GORGEOUS and breezy
i'm in a sheer panic of what to do
with this perfect saturday 
for fear that at nightfall
i'll say
ohhhh i wasted a perfect day!
off to carpe me some diem! 


Virginia said...

Carpe diem!!Life is short.
Have a beautiful weekend....

Kaybe said...

I always say "Housework - go wash your mouth out with chocolate!" Hope you have a fun-packed Saturday.

Take good care,


Paige Thomas King said...

what did you do?
can't wait to hear . . . read . . .

see you there! said...

Great photo. For some reason a mental picture shot through my mind of me wearing that striped outfit... it was Really, Really funny! I'd be hiding behind my washing machine for sure.

Hope your day was wonderful.