Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tablescape Thursday and Aubrey

linking with this party for 
Tablescape Thursday

(these are Aubrey's tablescapes...she says I can show you...)
Thanks to people like her, 
I don't buy magazines anymore! 
No doubt they'll be knocking on her door soon asking 
if she'll create something for an article. 
(I might have to buy one then).

Her White Market business had a Harvest and Halloween Boutique in her home recently. What fun! 

Lookie at those caramel apples! 

I know someone who is soon going to try making one of these :) 
Thanks Aubrey for the views into your beautiful home and for letting me share! 
Y'all better follow this girl~no telling what's up her sleeve. 


Vintage Home said...

...Hey great entry...White Market is on my blog roll and so are you ...both inspiring !..Thanks for sharing!

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*~*LOVE!!! Just beautiful and so charming~*~* Hugs, Rachel ;)~*~*

Diane said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog I love those displays, amazing that is really someones house what inspiration! I am adding you to my Blog roll Hope you do the same. It will be fun to keep an eye on your latest Post! Hugs, Diane

see you there! said...

Thanks for the great link! I love what she calls her "Lil Poms". When you make one you have to show it to us.


Kathleen Grace said...

This is a new one for me, I'll have to go check her out. Gorgeous photos!

Aubrey said...

Thank You so much for sharing- You are a love!

Life with L said...

Beautiful white theme. It looks so elegant. Thanks for sharing...Linda

brii said...

this is so nice!
thank's for sharing

Alycia Nichols said...

Beautiful! I love all the white!!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I love all of her items. It's so nice of you to share them with everyone :-)

Social Couture said...

Fa-Boo-Lous! Love the inspiration! Thanks for sharing. Great blog!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Wow! Looks great! What a fun time you must have had.

Vintage Home said...

..What happened...?...I must go check to see if I can find it!

What I Did Today said...

Oh my goodness! Absolutely breathtaking! Someday (when I don't have little people running around undoing everything I do) I'm going to have a home decorated like this!

Olivia said...

Oh wow this is true beauty! I am going to boogey on over there. Thank you for the basket idea! I will be on the hunt!

Sandi (Meme) said...

White Market is right up my alley! Thanks so much for sharing it. Thanks also for stopping by and leaving a comment on my Halloween Table. I'm your newest follower, hope you will come back and visit me again - and maybe stay! Hope you have a treat weekend. Sandi

Lissa said...

these photos are seriously amazing! she has some talent!

LiLi M. said...

Hi! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I just love this Halloween decor!

Entertaining Women said...

Quite a sophisticated take on Halloween. Thank you for sharing this charming design. Cherry Kay

jojo-caramel said...

I like white and I like Aubrey's view for Halloween! Very posh!

Lea said...

Beautiful beautiful!
I'd love to make one of those harvest queens too..... SUPER sweet!
Holykisses Phyl!