Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Monday!

I'm off to the market to buy a fat pig. 
And a loaf of bread probably. 
I left a paper on the counter this a.m. with a spot
for each family member to write their requests from the store. 
Bananas is on there twice.
I read that Wal-Mart's number one seller worldwide is bananas. 
That's a lot of potassium! 
The other items on our list?
A laptop. 
(yeah, riiiight!)
Sunny D (yuck)
lunchables (can't we cut the ham and cheese in our own shapes?)
fruit roll-ups
Chunky stuff. 
Maybe you can assist me with that one! ? 

I might try to recreate this look on the porch too. 
I really want you all to come visit! 
Wait if you will a couple of hours. 
We'll have bananas by then...


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Ohhhh Sunny D - a yuck up here, too! lol

Tammy N said...

Good Day to you!☺

I buy my bananas at Walmart but they are always green and take a few days to ripen. I finally got some really ripe and made banana bread with disastrous today's post! ;-D

Tammy N said...

Oh and I snagged the Pancakes sign and painted it purple and put it in my side it!!!!

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

LOl!! Always love your posts!! Love the Fall images too!!Hugs~ Rach ;)

see you there! said...

I think the Chunky Stuff is peanut butter - it would be in our house anyhow.

When you get your porch decorated be sure to show us a picture.


vintagesusie & wings said...

I just found your lovely blog & look forward to following you on life's many adventures.

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh bananas! That's whats missing from my grocery list:>) thanks.

Ana said...

Hi Auntie Bliss,
Thank you so much for stopping by today and leaving me a comment...Oooo! And for becoming a follower too! Yipee! Just so you know I'm doing the happy dance...I always do when I get a new follower because it means I get to meet a brand new blogging buddy :-) Anyways, will probably be back later cause I loooove bananas :-) What a cute post. It was very nice meeting you. Have a wonderful day.

Hugs and Smiles,
♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

Kate said...

So blessed that you stopped by!!! What a darling blog, I will be enjoying reading your posts today.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I want banana pudding!!!!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how we love nanners, Bliss..... We both eat a banana a day... Supposed to be so good for us... But--I buy mine at Kroger's instead of Wallyworld... Oh WEll....

Chunky stuff, huh???? Guess that means FATTENING--things that make you chunky!!!!!! How 'bout some chips and dip???? Or some dellicious pumpkin pie ice cream?????? YUM.... I've already gained a pound...

We're headed out tomorrow for the NC mountains at Maggie Valley....

Have a great week.

Lea said...

Haaa I LOVE that pantycake sign too!
You went to the market to buy a fat pig? Well;.... I don't know about anyone else but I'll add peanut butter to your list to go with those bananas. WHATSAY?
How is it coming making your porch look like your inspiration photo?!
When you're done, come do my shabby old farmhouse k?
Pretty please with peanut butter and bananas on top.

Virginia said...

Came over to say good morning and to let you know I haven’t forgotten you……
I have been so busy since my return from vacation that I haven’t had enough time for Bloging, I hope to get with it soon. By the way, I love the look of that porch…….
Hope you have a joyful & beautiful week.

PeregrineBlue said...

Love the humor of this post. I am reading further down before i run off to mail some packages and then a doc's appointment. Delightful.

Paige Thomas King said...

my family would have to put bananas on the list twice for the bunch they intend to allow to rot after eating the first bunch in less than an hour!
can't wait to see your version of the porch look!

La Table De Nana said...

I would buy that purse:) If it was quite approachable in price:) How pretty is that?

Merci-Notes said...

WELL, of course I must take note for everyone to keep reading to DO GO and SEE your porch!! oh, i must be able to see into the future!!!

Oh, potatoes have potassium but we are now not supposed to eat them if SOME get their way! crazy!

xo mary