Wednesday, September 29, 2010

White Wednesday Hello!

I'm joining Kathleen's White Wednesday where I see lots of tempting posts today! 
I just grab some of my white photos and chatter with you for my posts on these days :) 

Yes, I should be cleaning the hall closet...the one crammed with Christmas decor I'm not even in love with. 
What is your choice Christmas look for your home? 
Do you change it yearly or stick with your heirlooms? 
My uncle who recently died has ornaments dating back to the 1800's. They were all sentimental to him as he knew who they came from ,etc. He never parted with a Valentine or anything. All with tiny stickers with dates on them. 
I love looking at all of it and always enjoyed his decorations. 
My aunt was cool with all of it and let him do the house for holidays with all the old stuff. 

I need to allow my kids to be comfortable in our holiday home and not have to be careful all the time.
My feeling about Christmas really is to savor the savior. 
(I'll add that God doesn't care if I even put up a Nativity scene...
He wants me to love my He now that would be my best gift to Him)
(although He doesn't think badly of me if I put a reindeer on the mantle)
(because I do love my family by doing things for them...which might include making our home festive)
(okay, I'll shut up now.)
As I get older the decorating means less to me. 
(probably not what a blogger wishing for readership and Etsy sales needs to say :) 

All this prompted by an old crusty sign I saw in town! (please copy it and use it if you like it) 
Merry Christmas :)

White McCoy pottery is something I find regularly in my thrifting.
I used to pass it up but have recently found it makes a nice display all grouped together!  
I dream of having pink peonies dripping from each piece :) I think I did once and it was incredible!
The cat is my latest piece and I got it for 50 cents. 

A lid to a china box long gone ...and an old chalk box...
Doesn't take much to make me stare and say "ahhhh..."
Some people like Lladro. I'd shrivel up and DIE if I had to buy high priced toys like that for myself!
But you are cool if that is what you like :) 

Tomorrow is the Doll Quilt show here! 
Hope we have some to show :) 
Please come back...I made two myself! 


The Swedish Room said...

Hi, What pretty whites, I love the McCoy pottery. That cat is too cute. Have a Happy White Wednesday.
The Swedish Room

Rebecca said...

I agree about Christmas-I work retail and it's way to commercial-just focus on the real reason for the season!

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Lovely whites, Phyllis! Your pottery is gorgeous. I know just what you mean about Christmas decor... last year I didn't put up my Nativity because of our crazy kitten. I felt "naughty" for not putting it up! lol

Kathleen Grace said...

I usually try to decorate for Christmas a little differently each year, but using the same stuff. How? I use it differently, change rooms, maybe add a little something fresh to it. Of course my girls are big on "tradition" and they have got to have what they recognize around! SOmetimes I opnly take out one color, like all my silver things, or all my red and white, and have a color theme. I know you love me Phyllis and that is why I am letting myself off the hook so to speak and telling you I just didin't have time to make a doll quilt this time. I'll be here looking at yours though:>) I'm the same as you, I wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars on pretties for my house even if I had that kind of budget. I'm a junker girl through and through!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Pretty white pieces. Can't wait to see the doll quilts....m...

She'sSewPretty said...

My doll quilt post is up. I managed to get one made at the last minute. I love your McCoy collection. I didn't even know they made white McCoy. As for Christmas decorating. I do a little bit of both. Our nativity set is one of our favorite traditions though.

jojo-caramel said...

I add one or two new things to my Christmas decorations ☃ I have an old nativity set which I like very much and won't change. My doll quilt post is up too :-)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'm in a cleaning out the closet mood too, although for me it's my shed. This was very well said, and you've got some lovely whites there :-)

Vintage Home said...

,,,great Whites!...I love your McCoy...50cents! yowzers!
God really doesn't care if we thing he wants is for us to be good neighbours & good friends ...sometimes decorating just makes having those people over more festive!....your linens are stunning & I would love to see your uncles ornaments!