Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello Neighbor!

"Ain't no sunshine when your gone" 

It is overcast and dark outside here today. 
My five dollar sunflowers and two dollar Haegar bowl from a recent yard sale are keeping my clouds away. 

I have GOT to show you a chicken coop in case you haven't discovered this blog post for yourself. AMAZING!! 
FANCY FARMGIRL :) What a great name! 

We have a coop. 

So. I had it on my mind to get some of the striped stockings you know, like people in witch costumes wear...half because I'm childish and half because...okay all because I'm childish. I have not worn a costume in my life I don't think but I'm thinking about it for an upcoming party. 

But I won't be a witch. 

Target and Wal-Mart are really putting out some nice items these days...I found my stockings and they said "one size fits most". That always scares me. Well I'm 5'8" and they stopped mid thigh. I guess I'm glad I'm not "most". 

We have a bonfire to go to tonight of the Homecoming weekend type. 

Grab yourself a Little Debbie football as you head out.
Those pumpkin and spice Jack-O-Lanterns are yummy too. 

Get one of those.


Kathleen Grace said...

FOr goodness sake, that is indeed the fanciest coop I have ever seen and I have to say, I have chickens and the coop is covered in the dust they kick up. They aren't exactly clean critters.
Have fun at the game, we are under a storm watch tonight for thunderstorms, guess I'm glad that I don't have outdoor plans!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh goodness, that coop is very fancy indeed, and very imaginative and fun. My dad would think I'd plum lost my mind if I housed my chickens in a coop like that! I'd love to see his face though! I love when people put their hearts into things, like that.

Oh boy, homecoming. I used to love the homecoming games, and a bonfire is very much "autumn". It's cold and rainy here today. I actually had to turn on the furnace. A bonfire sounds perfect!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love bonfires!! We use to do that in our backyard for the kids. Yes do dress up I am going too I think it will be fun.....m..

jojo-caramel said...

Come over! It's a sunny day here! Yes i went to a yard sales, but how i regret that you were not there! Isobel is a fairy! I regret so much to have left these treasures behind me. I did not see how i could restore them, and what a shame...
Love bonfires too! Want to see you with those beautiful stockings!

Belle journée et belle soirée pour ce soir !

Karen said...

Love the Flowers... some times that is all it takes to brighten up and room and our moods..Isnt that amazing..Gotta love it..

see you there! said...

I liked peeking into your dining room, so pretty. Now what are you going to wear with those thigh high stockings?


Monica@The White Bench said...

Oh love your sunflowers! I'd need a bunch of them, as it's raining cats and dogs over here! Boxes piling up everywhere, must go and make myself some tea ;))

Selia said...

Beautiful Sunflowers! Wow~that is a fancy coop, indeed. I have to admit, that is just my style! ;O) I hope you had a wonderful weekend and thank you for the kind words on my blog!

Anonymous said...

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