Sunday, September 19, 2010

About Those Doll Quilts...

September 30th is the doll quilt show here. 
Some of you have been stitching away...
this doesn't take long because of the small size! 

I like a fast project. 
There is time if you want to show that day, to make one and join in! 
If you can't do that in time, hopefully you can show an existing one. 
I have finished one but think I might make a second one.

They are precious little works of art and I think little girls and big girls alike appreciate the colors and patterns. 

Not to mention,
the dolls :) 


Jojo Caramel said...

Evenings are much cooler late in September, Quilts are welcome! I like your banner! Have a good day :-)

Mrs. Staggs said...

I've been working on mine, but I bought the wrong kind of binding, so I have to go back to the fabric store today. This has been a fun project Phyllis. Just as you say, just big enough. Thanks for the inspiration.


Olive Cooper said...

Hi, it is wonderful that you quilt. It is an art. Thanks bunches for visiting me! hugs♥olive

Karen June Miller said...

You funny bunny!!! I had no idea that you were Auntie Bliss on my Spiritual Sundays post! Ha ha! Of course, I started out calling you Miss Shabby and I've had to drop that as your online persona has merged into more exciting ventures!

Thanks for the wonderful comments . . . as always! You do remember that you were my very FIRST visitor way back when... It was totally orchestrated by the Lord as I cherish your friendship!

Have a super duper day!