Wednesday, August 11, 2010

White Wednesday

(My first time participating in Kathleen's White Wednesday found here: )

Here is my random collection of white today :) 
Thanks for coming!

In our neighborhood these wonderful meringue cookies are called Angel Bits :) 
There was a woman
whose nickname was Teeny, who left gifts of these on peoples' doorsteps :)  

Oh! I remember these things. They are long gone, sold in my Etsy or on my flea market friday at some point. 

There is a castle in our town and this little friend of mine posed for me a couple of years ago. 

White makes me happy and I think of words like:

*goosedown* (well, it does :) 

I was accused in college of having a hospital room since I had decorated in white! It made me feel better, I guess! 
Hope you feel great today :) 


Kathleen Grace said...

Delightful whites Phyllis, made even more delightful by beautiful princess Mimi!

Kathleen Grace said...
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Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

Beautiful whites. I love meringue cookies. She must have been a special lady. ~~Sherry~~

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Love your princess and her castle! Pretty whites, Phyllis! And the secret delivery of angel bits is so sweet (no pun intended)! ;)

Yaya' s Home said...

Hello Miss Bliss,
How is it that you have acquired a castle in your town? I love alla' your whites, 'specially those mmmmmmmeringueeeeee... cookies.

~ Yaya

Yaya' s Home said...

You mentioned a banner that would fit. How would you do that? Did you get my emails?

~ Yaya

Blissitydoodah said...

I didn't get any emails... try me here:

Monica@The White Bench said...

Hey Phyllis! Glad you joined White Wednesday! Looove your stuff. When we bought our white kitchen and doors, and painted windows and furniture white, many family members and friends commented just the same. I replied I hadn't asked for their opinion ;))))))

Paige Thomas King said...

Great Whites!
Thanks for visiting my blog, Phyllis!
I'll be following yours from here on out. I've enjoyed reading back to July 21, so far. I'll have to read a little further tonight!

LemonyRenee' said...

Beautiful! I find myself so soothed in white spaces, but I don't seem to have the discipline to execute them myself. I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to colors -- I can get completely drawn to any color at any time.

Virginia said...

White is so calming.I love the baby shoe,so sweet and those Angel Bits....yummy. But my fvorite is the beautiful princess.
Have a joyful day!

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Adorable Baby Shoe, Cookies & an Adorable Mimi in front of a Beautiful Castle ~ Now that is the Perfect W.W. Post.....

Ann said...

Hi Phyllis~Your whites are great. The cookies look delicious, are they meringue?
Also, what a sweet little girl posing in front of the castle!
The Tattered Tassel

Merci-Notes said...

AH! SAND, nice warm sand wrapping around our feet!
Say, i never decorated my dorm rooms nor flats! I just wanted to get done.
I think you were ahead of your time ! :)

I also would have loved to visit your room and found my passion for decorating sooner .. had I just known you earlier :)


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Hope you are having a Beautiful day!!!!!!!!

Pinecone Camp said...

I would love some Angel Bits right now!

see you there! said...

What a wonderful world of white you have. Even white food!


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Thanks for stopping by, You were probably close by when you came to Dearborn, did you mean Village Ford for the Cars, that is just a 1/4 mile away.... Magic Pan has been closed for years, I don't think any exist anymore ~ I worked at the Magic Pan in Dearborn at Fairlane Town Center Mall in 1975-76 When they first opened.... Such a small world it is ~ I will visit again soon

Zondra Art said...

Beautiful image!
Kisses and regards from Croatia.
Zondra Art

jojo-caramel said...

This is a beautiful “White Wednesday” first participation!!! The meringue cookies are beautiful! I remember this photo of the cute Mademoiselle M ❤
Nuage, ange, neige, lait, sucre, lys, cygne, farine

Belle journée :-)

imaginationlane said...

Welcome to White Wednesday..I love your whites, especially Princess Mimi! What a great house for a backdrop.

We'll see you again...


Prutha said...

beautiful images!!

follow if u like what u see?


Sue at Beach Bungalow said...

Oh! You had me at the baby shoe, lol!



Georgia's simplyprettythings said...

When I read that your neighbour used to leave meringues on peoples doorsteps I couldnt help but laugh. I imagined opening your front door and there just being a meringue not wrapped or anything just sat on the step.

I imagine she isnt crazy but I couldnt help but picture her as the mad woman on my street who wears a swimming cap pulled on top of her head (without the hair tucked in) who stands on the roundabout and spits at cars. My dad once invited her in for a cup of tea (after she sat on our wall for over an hour) and she said "yes because there are snipers in the clouds waiting to shoot me"

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Lovely whites! I need to start doing White Wednesday again. It's so fun!
That castle is amazing!