Monday, August 30, 2010

~Petit Flea~

Les puces??? Jocular?
 I'll have to look that up next, maybe I'll google it on YouTube. 
Can you do that even? 
So many questions...
All I know for sure is I bought some things I thought you'd like a shot at ...and

Saucer in lovely french bleu avec roses...
$6 (shipping only if intl. buyer...)

Wee doll sized *wonderful vintage* hanger in the same bleu~$4

Doll hat in original box *oh lordy that's cute!*  $20

This silk ribbon makes me want to dance back in time and attend this event  so very badly!  $12

This jar from the *fixer upper* department here at the Petit Flea...
I think on that sticky part which won't scrub off ...
one could (you, that is...) 
put old lace or a new/old paper label. 
This is a jar for combs, is it? Or straws? 
Multi-purpose. ~$8

Okay, that's it? Did you have fun? 
Let me know if you want more Petit Fleas to happen and they will.

First come, first serve in the comments ...your email address is necessary to get a paypal bill which insures your purchase! 
And I'm not being jocular.


Vintage Home said...

...was away so missedwhite wednesday & the coverlet is amazing...I like the idea of a doll quilt...I may attempt that soon...I hope I will remember!...and of course your kitten...woow! sweet......It still cracks me up when I see your banner & your Wexford bowl...your banner is stunning!...Thanks for dropping by!

tea time and roses said...

What lovely finds Phyllis! That plate is gorgeous! Each time I visit your blog it seems to be more beautiful than before, and I most certainly love your banner:o) Happy week to you!



Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Hope you are having a most beautiful Monday!!!!

Ashley said...

love ur blog!! following you!! follow me back!

ASH! Xoxo

My Face Hunter | BlogLovin

see you there! said...

Great Petit Flea. That dolly hat is adorable, too bad I don't have a dolly in need.

Yes, more Petit Fleas please. You know the kind of stuff I like - old papers particularly.


Rosie said...

Oh dearest you make me laugh...And I needed a giggle...BAD....lovin' the goodies thanks so much for popping in once again...xoxo..Rosie

koralee said...

Oh I love all your treasures...that plate could fit so nicely in my home.

xoxoxo happy new week to you.

jojo-caramel said...

This is a beautiful Petit Fleas my friend! I like the plate and the doll's hat, very lovely! This straws's jar is gorgeous!

maría cecilia said...

Darling, we share same flea marketing passion, this is so great!!! Your new treasures are so lovely as well as the so wonderful crochet coverlet you show in the other post. Enjoy all your beauties!!!
muchos cariños from Chile,
maria cecilia

maría cecilia said...

forgot to say that I have loved your blog design!!!!

Manuela@TPOH said...

You always find such lovely things! Love that plate but I'm actually sorting through mine to sell at my garage sale!


Cookie said...

Miss Blissity

All lovely fleas indeed!


Martina said...

Oh, you were lucky! What great finds! I haven't been to the fleamarket for ages and started going again 2 weeks ago - such fun!

The French Bear said...

Is the little doll hat for sale or is that a new find for you? I love it!!! Sorry, I have been out of the loop here, still trying to recover but I am back at basically I come home and crash....too tired to blog, hopefully I get stronger soon!!!!
Margaret B