Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here Down South

Fried okra here today girls! 
In a cast iron can't get more southern :) 
only by adding an Old Fashioned Banana Pudding  
for dessert, that is...

Blue spattered enamel pans are fun, don't you think? 
This one didn't come from the Sears and Roebuck catalog though...

The babies' eyes are half open :) 
Their older brother is watching them and adoring them ...while harassing his mother for hobby. She doesn't care if he looks at the babies but she has had enough of his nonsense! 

She's tired!

Tell me you have a smaller sibling? 

I am the baby in our family...
Which is fine...
I've learned to comfort myself with fried okra and banana pudding :)
because Mama cut my blankie in strips and then starched them all stiff years ago :(


Virginia said...

Fried okra and banana pudding.
Oh Phyllis...that lookssooo Yummy!!
When can I come over?
Those kitties are adorable.
Joy and Blessings,

Kathleen Grace said...

Ok, I would eat that banana pudding but we grew okra when I was growing up and, oh goodness no, can't eat okra! lol. I have a younger brother, 9 years younger to be exact, he will always be baby brother to me:>)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I like pickled okra also. Hope you all are having a fun day!!

see you there! said...

I've never had fried okra whole like that, we do eat it cut up and cooked with tomatoes and corn tho. The banana pudding looks great. Do you think I could have some for breakfast this morning?


The French Bear said...

Girl, you can make me fried whatever and banana pudding anytime!!!! Looks yummy, want to trade for bread and jam?
Sweet little kittens, they are just adorable!!!!
I have nine siblings, want more? Ha ha, too bad about your blankie, but ya know it had to be done!!!
Margaret B

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my goodness, that last photo is so sweet! My sister has a new kitten at her house. I haven't visited it yet, but I'm hoping to soon.

Fried okra with green tomatoes and bannana pudding are two foods that I love. I haven't had either for such a long time. Toss in some collards with hot pepper vinegar and it brings tears to my eyes just thinkin' about it. All foods that I grew up with. I make a mean banana pudding. Not "too" many vanilla wafers. Some folks overdo those. You want it nice and creamy, not dry. I bet yours is perfect!

I love little quilts and was just talking to my sister today about how her youngest granddaughter enjoys playing with dolls. I have a little tiny twig bed with a little quilt on it. My friend Liisa's dad made the bed, and her mom made the quilt. I might try to make a little quilt, but I'm not promising, as I cut my finger really bad last night, and I'm not sure how soon it's going to let me do such things.

I'm the oldest of two daughters.

Your posts have been really nice lately Phyllis. Full of home sweet home kinds of things.

Lady Grey said...

oh my gosh that kitten is precious!!

Lea said...

HOW CUTE .... hows' it doing?!!
I'm the baby too ya know... but like my okra PICKLED as well as fried. lol
Banana puddin is good anyway you cook it!

Wish I could join in your baby quiltin! Unfortunately I'm just not too gifted when it comes to that. SHUCKS.

Love the look over here Phyl! I almost picked the same blog background tonight! It's AWESOME!

Polish and Pearls said...

Love spattered enamel! My dad gave me an antique gas stove- it's cream enamel with mint green spatters- love it to death! And yes, speaking of CNC, it IS a small world! Hope you have a great day!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I have had SUCH FUN reading your blog. YES you should host a little quilt show, I don't have anything YET. I have hundreds of dolls though AND MAYBE in those trunks there is SOMETHING like a quilt. I haven't been in those trunks for YEARS so it's TIME! Baby kitty is TOO CUTE!!OK NOW I would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the recipe for the banana pudding, PLEASE??????? I already have the bananas ready!
Hugs, Donna