Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

(blossoms I once dried and placed on the copier) 

I have a question for you! 
Stolen from the current SIMPLE magazine...

If you had 24 free uninterrupted hours all to yourself...

*What would you do?*

Can I go first?
Ooo pick me! 
I'd start by complaining...ONLY 24 hours? That'll go by fast! What can I do in 24 hours?  Are you giving me money too or just time?  Because if I don't have any money, what is there to do? 

Maybe you should go first ;) 


The French Bear said...

You are so funny!!! I would come for tea!!!
Or I could sew a bear, make jelly or bake a pie...
cross stitch, quilt, scrapbook....oh many things.....
catch up on my devotions.....
Spend time with you...did I say that, well I would!
Margaret B

Cottage Way of Life said...

I started to write what I'd do, but decided you're right Phyllis, 24 hours isn't enough time. I'll help you complain about that. :-)

The French Bear said...

Phyllis, about the blog book, you can customize your pages, add all your comments or what ever you want...I didn't add them cause then the book was so big it would cost two hundred dollars. I really want to add them but then it would take four or five volumes which is okay I guess, then I thought that I could copy and paste the comments and add them to a small notebook and keep it with the book, I don't know what do you think?
Margaret B

Kelly said...

Lovely flowers!

Hm, 24 hours to myself... I would probably sleep in, read a good book, bake something tasty to go with tea and do anything other than sew.;)

tea time and roses said...

Wow a whole 24 hours! Watch my favorite movies, knit, read, sit and just enjoy the quiet, read and knit some more. But then again, I have never had 24 hours to myself so I probably wouldn't know what to do...LOL!:o)

Enjoy a most lovely Sunday.



Terry said...

This was my first ever visit to your blog ,yes it was a random visit or was it ???
I like to think God has a plan for my so called random rides here in blogland.
As to the 24 hours oh wow I can't wait to get started.
Let's see God,family,which includes my awesome blogging family and friends,checking out mother nature,a bubble bath,calling up friends to chat about nothing and everything .
Oh must have music and crafts and painting and oh gee I think the sand ran out of the timer ,oh well I had a blast thanks for the great post .
You know I do believe an hour glass can be flipped over ,but who's counting ,not me :)
Until next time
Happy Trails

Virginia said...

Mmm, let me think. I would stay in bed all day doing absolutely nothing.
Well maybe stare down at my toes. Kind of ambitious..don't you think?
Sweet Blessings,

Monica@The White Bench said...

Creating creating creating like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, Kimmie is not in the mag :((((((
... And I'll ZOOM IN! I promise :)) (I am VERY sensitive to light, and cannot go outside without wearing glasses on a clear sunny day! I was in Cape Cod during Summer when my hubby took that photo! Oh so terribly humid and hot- poor Louise ;))) but I bet it's waaay better than here!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---what a question, Phyllis...Since George and I are retired, our lives are ALWAYS sorta like that. We have very few distractions calling our names these days.

But we do follow a general routine most every day. Maybe if I had a total FREE 24 hours, I'd pack my toothbrush and some clean underwear --and head to the Smokies (since it's close)... Wouldn't want to be driving alot during my FREE 24 hours!!! We'd find a small motel (maybe Rocky Waters) and get a room with a balcony over the river. We'd spend our 24 hours just enjoying the Smokies, eating some great food ---and best of all, just sitting out on the balcony --enjoying the sound of the water below. That's my 24 hours!!!! How's that???


see you there! said...

I'm having mine right now. Drove up to the mountain house yesterday afternoon. Nobody and nothing claims my time. I'm all by myself. I'm going to:
. eat breakfast
. go for a walk
. water the pine needles, LOL!
. read
. eat lunch
. go swimming
. nap
. eat dinner
. read
. go to bed early.

Wanna join me?


koralee said...

All I can think of is One GOOD book....on the beach! xoxoo Happy Monday.

Anita said...

Clean the house. But everyone is right, it's not enough time! I would like to enjoy a clean house for 24 hours, lol! Actually, we are trying to record a CD with kids screaming, yelling, fighting, asking for stuff, so probably we would be recording.

Cookie said...

Miss Blissity,

If I had an entire 24 hours just for me...
*Take a leisurely bath and put on clean cute jammies.
*Comb my hair and put on a minimum of make-up and the normal dose of mascara...cause I'm so vain
*Gather all sorts of reading materials around the best recliner in the house
*Position myself in the best recliner in the house (since no one would be here to run me out of it)
*Fix a big glass of iced water
*Take possession of the TV remote control (since no one would be here to claim possession of it)
*Watch everything I want to watch on said television all day long
*Take little snippets of naps anytime I felt like it.
*Late, late in the day, take another leisurely bath and put on another pair of clean cute jammies
*Fix a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade or orangeade
*Slip out the front door and rest in a wicker glider as night falls
*Put the dog out and then get her back in for the night
*Lights out at whatever time I want them to be
*Sleep cross-ways in the middle of the bed with the ceiling fan on high (since no one would be here to turn off the fan)
* Say my prayers and express gratitude for the perfect 24 hours
OOOOHHHHhhhhhh! Don't wake me up! Don't tell me it's a dream!

Kathleen Grace said...

My first thought would probably be like yours, only 24 hours!? But then I would grab my sweetie and whisk him away some place fun that we could share together:>)

jojo-caramel said...

I would like to spend my time there :-)

Karen Long said...

Hey Phyllis,, it worked for me this time.. that was a cute story you left on my blog.. I told my daughter who has a 2 year old, and one on the way,,that she needs to jot those cute little moments down,,cause when you get busy with 2, its a lot harder to remember those moments..
But isnt it amazing what us moms can remember...
Thanks for stopping by.. looking forward to becoming Blogging Buddies with you..
God bless you day