Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Season of Celebration

Lots of things to celebrate in June, huh? 
I always forget about all the graduations and weddings, etc...
It keeps you busy and broke! 
I made our middle son's cake this year...
I spent $4 :) using a boxed cake mix and some inexpensive ice cream. 
I made fudge icing the same way my mother always did...in a skillet with butter, sugar, milk and cocoa powder.
It was pretty tasty! The birthday boy was so very happy :) 
He hosted a camp out with some friends (who as it turns out, don't really sleep outside very well LOL). 

But back to the cake ... :) ...I think I might make some of them ahead and have them frozen for occasions or gifts. 
How upset would you be if someone showed up on your doorstep with an ice cream cake???

If your weather is anything like ours this week....even your skin and bones would be in a puddle on the porch by the time someone opened the door!!! 
We are practicing creative ways to stay inside! 

Saturday night we attended a beautiful outdoor wedding. 
This old buggy held the gifts :) And the reception was in the wonderful red barn. It has a huge stained glass window. 

Introduce yourselves to Beckham :) 
Now come and tell us what he/she is!!! 
Other than the sweetest love ever :)
So soft, sweet and smart!!! 

Becks keeps me company as I iron in the bedroom ...I think he/she is dreaming of that awesome FIFA World Cup game between the UK and the US.  My birthday boy has 4 soccer coaches from the UK...we are still awaiting their commentary on that game :) 
You know what it is time for don't you????



see you there! said...

Tease! First its the cake, next its the kitten. Neither of which I have and neither of which you will be mailing to me any time soon I guess.

You can keep the hot weather tho :-)


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

That cake looks soooo yummy! We've already had 2 birthdays in our house so far this year... 4 more to go (so I think I'll try making your cake)!

Kitty is so sweet! My Cheswick needs to come for a visit (he's a bluepoint himy).

Love the gifts in the buggy!

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

The powers that be in blogland have decided that the Blissitydoodahs need to come up to New England for a vacation... the five big boys can entertain the one little boy, and Phyllis and Beachy and my girl can do girly stuff!!!

Blissitydoodah said...

That would be AWESOME!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Phyllis, Happy Birthday to your middle son... I love your cake... There's just nothing better than an Ice Cream cake. You can make me one if you like!!!!!!

Little Beckham is precious.... Now be sure and tell him to 'make' the USA win the soccer game on Friday morning!!!!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Icecream and cake what more could one want and chocolate all over the top. So very yummy...m..

Kelly said...

Beckham is adorable! What a sweet little ball of fluff!

~ Kelly

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

What a yummmmmmy cake!!!!!!

And oh my but Beckham is sweeeeeet!

What a magnificent setting for a weddding. That pic of the barn and stained glass window takes my breath away.

Sooooo cooool to find that you too like Band Of Horses! -big happy grin-


jojo-caramel said...

The cake looks delicious! Wow the old buggy with the gifts and the red barn are fantastic!!! Beckham is very cute! ... Beckham is a boy :-D a soccer player :-D UK/USA > anyway the french will win :-D (Tell your son i'm joking)... at the end the French will win ;-)
The cake looks delicious! the old buggy with the gifts and the red barn are fantastic!!! Beckham is very cute! ... Beckham is a boy :-D a soccer player :-D UK/USA > anyway the french will win :-D (Tell you son i'm joking)... at the end the French will win ;-)
We are waiting you with your ice cream cake :-P

jojo-caramel said...

Oups ?!? I have had a squint :-D

The French Bear said...

Yummo, I'll take that cake and send you the wrist warmers or maybe the kitty....he he...what a sweet little kitten!!! I wish I had one!!! I love himalayans and siamese kittens!!!!!
Of course I will make you a pair, you just need to measure the widest part of your palm and then I will know what size to make......and what color you want!!!
I am working on a lacy pair and when I am finished I will blog about them.....or I can knit the pair like Bella's...let me know!!! Happy Birthday to your son!!!
Margaret B

rebecca said...

Oh my God... That cake looks SO GOOD!


Monica@The White Bench said...

Kitty is so cute, even if I am more of a dog person (and my hubby is terribly allergic to cats!). And that cake- ooohhh my!!! Look scrumptious.

koralee said...

Your cake looks amazing my friend..I would be the happiest ever if you knocked on my door with that in hand. Have a great weekend..your sweet kitten is simply adorable. xoxoxo

Cookie said...

Miss Blissity
Oh! How you ramble on!
Love the entire post!
I always do!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh boy, it's a good thing that I don't live nearby. You wouldn't be able to keep me away from that sweet little kitten. What a beauty. That wedding looks beautiful too, and you've a boy's birthday to celebrate! My best wishes to him, and to you too!