Saturday, June 5, 2010

*PiNk SaTuRdAy *

Hosted by Beverly !

My Maraschino cherries are the first things I've ever canned! By myself :) I know I'm a late bloomer...
Oh these are SO good, I'm kicking myself for not picking more cherries before it was too late! Next year I'll know! 
On top of vanilla ice cream...all is well with the world eating these lovelies! 
My hips...not so much...

Piles of vintage linens never disappoint do they kindred spirits?!
Do you mind if I call you kindred spirits? 
Just don't fight me for a nice piece at a yard sale...

This sweet hanging pillow came from the shop of a kindred spirit, Louise :)

 Won't you please stop by again soon? It's been awesome having you here today :)


tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Phyllis!

Hope you are enjoying a most lovely weekend! I can imagine just how delicious the cherries must be and over ice cream, sounds like yummy idea!:o)

Love your vintage pillow, Louise has a lovely shop filled to the brim with good things. Thanks for dropping by to say hello!



She'sSewPretty said...

Oh!!! Lookie who joined us! So exciting to see you here. Now-pack up some of those cherries and send them to me!! Happy Pink Saturday!

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Phyllis:
I am putting my order in for at least one jar of the cherries when you can them next year!!!
Since Betty put in hers for this year I am first in line : )
You have a sure hit on your hands!!!
How are you?
Come by and say howdy, my Friend!!!
love & peace

Mrs. Staggs said...

Yay! Good for you, to do a bit of puttin' up. Today, I just read that a bit of cherry juice added to sparkling wine is nice. I bet it would be nice in Italian Sodas too. Have you ever made those? Yum!

I love old embroidery, so I am indeed kindred.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

They are so beautiful just to look like I know they will taste so gooooood!!!...hugs....m...

jojo-caramel said...

Magnifique !!!! Yummy!!! Have you kept the cherrystones? to make this kind of pillows >
I've never tried to canned cherries. We only make jam with them :-)
Your vintage linens are gorgeous!
Happy belated Pink Saturday and Sunny Sunday! Gros bisous my friend :-) xo

see you there! said...

I want cherries! Maybe we need to take a ride out to the countryside and see if any one has fruit stands up.

Love the pillow.

Yours in Kindred Spirit-ness


Monica@The White Bench said...

Well done Phyllis!!!!!!
Oh love the linens too, I also own a lavender sachet or two made by sweet Louise ;)

Lea said...

Your jars of cherries are beautiful Phyllis! Great job! Bet they taste marvelous!!!
What a pretty little pillow from Louise, and your vintage linens make me happy. I'd never fight you for them though...I'd want you to have em. Especially if you made me some of those cookies like on your banner. lol
Have a day dear KINDRED SPIRIT.
You are the WONDERFUL.
holykisses xoxo