Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wait. Did I sign up for this?

We have quite a menagerie in our garage! 
Nights here are still chilly which would be fine if we had more feathers and fur...

We have 4 new kittens and one is half the size of the others...and has been pushed away by the Mama who hasn't been able to feed it.  
There is someone who has experience in feeding youngins here....surely she will be able to keep the wee kitty alive...


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Oh Phyllis... now my heart goes out to that wee one!!! Surely it will take its milk from an eyedropper? And longgg cuddles on someone's lap?

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I know that is one lucky kitten to have you taking care of it. Still underweather blood pressure issues. I have been up all night again with pain and headache. I am hoping to have a better week. Love and hugs....m..

jojo-caramel said...

Oh it's so cute! Clara would adore to play with them :-) Beautiful white kitten!!!
PS – By the way, you can be a member of my blog if you want to. I have just understand how to use it, and have put it in my blog :-)
Belle journée my sister!!!!!

see you there! said...

Looks like you are going to have your hands full. Such cuties. Good luck with that wee kitten.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my, aren't all the babies beautiful?

Oh, I wish I could help with the baby. I would call the vet. I think they have a formula that you can feed the baby with, and they'll tell you how to do it.

When I first rescued Miss Luna, she was about 6 months old, but looked much younger. She was tiny, and Mr. Staggs says she was "just barely there". I had to feed her by hand for weeks, with a syringe, and now, she's as healthy as she can be. Maybe, if you can possibly do it, move the other babies away from the mama, and maybe she'll take to the littlest one, if the others aren't right there. It's survival of the fittest, I think. Nature's way, but in cases like these, we can give Mother Nature a hand.


Monica@The White Bench said...

Ohhh so sweeet!!!!!! Kim and I would LOVE to play with them all!!!!!

Blissitydoodah said...

So sorry to report....the kitten did not make it.
I think it had just gotten too chilled before I discovered it laying away from the rest.

Kelly said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about the little kitten! As sad as it is, nature has ways of working things out, so it may have been for the best.

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It's very nice to meet you.

~ Kelly

Merci-Notes said...

I will have to try that lunch in Paris book! You are not the last to see that movie...
Please keep us posted on the little kitty and the others!! And your chicks are so cute!!! Can you please take more photos!!!
mmm... I guess that is enough bossiness for now? ;-)


Lea said...

The dolly definitely goes along with it.
Have you found homes for all the kittens yet or are ya keeping them? ;)
I always knew you'd make a good farmer. It's not just everyone who has chickens in her garage. lol