Thursday, April 15, 2010

To Do List:

1) Clean out my shabby closet! 

Like an overgrown garden full of weeds,
my closet is bursting with clothes
(thankful I am!)

If only there was a SPRAY that would whisk the
unwanteds away...

2) Plants are waiting on the front porch for me to pot. 

I have Lavender, Double Impatiens and ohhh what are they called...________ Bells :) (senior moment...) which will trail out of the pot. 
Oh and Spikes! Is that their official name? 

Thinking out loud...I need some new chairs for the porch! 
And here is the one I want...which I've seen while traveling and didn't have a truck. I am in an area of Mennonite (or Amish, people) so I hope to find this chair soon. Do you like it? 
If I buy 10 of them will some of you come and gather on my porch? Then I'll drive you to a Mennonite bakery up the road for some Sticky Buns! Ha! 

3)  OH why is there a number three...old number three...
I must pay my speeding ticket...earned yesterday racing from hither to yon and did I get there any faster?


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

OOhhhh set a space at that table for me! I will being the clam chowdah and lobstah rolls! =)
(Don't you wish we all had audio on our blogs... listening to all those accents from around the globe would be so much fun!)

see you there! said...

You were too speedy? Did you tell them you had too much to do and needed to hurry.

I sure do want to come visit, sit in one of your chairs and eat sticky buns.


Firefly Hill said...

Sounds like you are having a productive day !

I will definitely take up one of the chairs and a sticky bun and hang on the porch with you!!

Kathleen Grace said...

Awww Phyllis! A ticket! Yeah I've had those too, happens to the best of us (obviously!) Love the rocking chair. Have fun planting your plants and enjoy the day:>)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am so glad we both are having a Happy day. So far no headache the first time in a week. I love the vintage postcatd. i can feel my creative juices flowing. thanks...m..

Mrs. Staggs said...

It's still been too chilly to plant most things here. I think it might be a couple of more weeks. It sounds like you have a nice collection of plants. Spikes? I don't know what those are. I love old fashioned porches and chairs. I wish that they had never gone out of style. Decks are popular here. I have a couple of old wicker chairs and a round table on my small front porch, and a little fountain. I love to sit out there when the weather is warm.

A ticket? Oh no!

She'sSewPretty said...

I just cleaned out my shabby closet. Three bags went to the Good Will. The only problem is that my daughter cleaned out her shabby closet and gave me three bags of clothes that she didn't like anymore and I did. So, I really didn't make any progress.
I love that hickory rocking chair. I'd definitely sit in it and watch you plant your flowers...I'd even risk a ticket to get there before the rest of the bloggety friends so I could have the best seat. ;P

jojo-caramel said...

I need a Rustic Hickory Rocker! I you get one, I arrive! Put the kettle on :-) I would dream to visit the Mennonite bakery! I like the vintage postcard! Beautiful! Have a great Spring weekend my friend!

Cookie said...

Miss Blissity,

You got a speeding ticket? What a bummer.


Lea said...

Did you get that closet cleaned out?
HOpe so! How bout the planting? I'm hoping you remembered what bells trail out of pots coz I have to know!
I need something that trails out of a window box. If you remember ... wb! :D