Thursday, March 25, 2010

Read This

There is a stitching group going on that I am having fun watching. I like this freestyle grid design and think maybe I'd like to do this! 
It has been years since I stitched anything. Back then I overdid it...stitch, stitch, sleep, eat, stitch, stitch...were you that way? 
I always had this fantasy of having my piece sell for thousands of dollars someday as an antique. 
A friend told me though that she had the FEAR her kids would sell hers for a penny at a yard sale. 
It does happen! 
Speaking of stitches...oh man this post is all over the place...I'm too old for attention deficit I think...maybe closer to  Alzheimer's...I forget...anyway, 

I have to tell you about a GIVEAWAY . Scroll down to the 24th of March post. There isn't much competition so chances are good! I don't have a daughter but love lots of little girls who would be so pretty wearing this. 
The one in the photo is the daughter of the friend many of you made bookmarks for. 
She is in ICU now...her cancer and treatment lowered her resistance and she got a viral Pneumonia...every minute is in limbo for her. 
I am so pulling for this family and have been looking at pictures I have from last year of little Sadie. 

It is a rainy and cold day on the Kentucky/ Tennessee border! 
Spring Break is soon and we are going to see a waterfall that a blogger wrote about. I hope to get some nice photos. I'm really hoping the rhododendrons are in bloom on the mountain! 

In the comments today I want to hear about your last or most memorable "back to nature" experience :) 
Mine always involve my parents and the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tn. ...hikes, cookouts, baby bears and running water! Wish I had a nickel for every time I slipped into that creek and got soaked! 


Merci-Notes said...

Ah, all over the place you say... when life has sooo many things going on we need a blackberry for our minds *i do not have a blackberry or really know what all they do, good!

But when a friend is seriously ill, who can keep anything straight!
I will pray for her and her family Phyllis!

The Ducks would be my best back to nature.. when they had their family in our hanging basket!


She'sSewPretty said...

I'll pray for your friend too Phyllis. That is just heartbreaking. I've been watching that stitching group too and wishing I had time to join in. I used to be the same way about my embroidery. I was going to win big prizes! LOL
Let's see. My last big nature moment was visiting the Big Trees in Sequoia Park. They are just breath taking...and the hike up to them is too!!

Kathleen Grace said...

My most memorable back to nature experience was when I was little. Grandpa had a farm and a little stream ran through the back 40 where the cows pastured. As little children (4-7) we were allowed to walk back there and play in the "crick" Catching minnows with a bucket was a favorite pass time and jumping form hill to hill along the banks. We spent hours back there exploring the woods, watching the cows and dreaming. I loved that place.

see you there! said...

I'm going on my back to nature event tomorrow. I'm going up to the Mt. House and sweep pine needles off of our long driveway. Piles and piles of pine needles since we haven't been there for awhile.

Enough nature to satisfy me.


Cottage Way of Life said...

I'm a city girl so I don't have a whole lot of back to nature experience. I've never even been camping (and don't really want to). So I guess you could say I'm kind of like Eva Gabor on Green Acres "New York is where I'd rather stay, I get allergic smelling hay" ;-)

That said, I did go to Yosemite last October. I stayed at the Lodge though. Thought Yosemite was truly very beautiful, enjoyed sitting in a meadow & painting with my watercolors. But it also kind of felt like summer camp (from when I was a kid - which I did not like much), 2 days was plenty for me, after that I couldn't wait to get back to the city - museums, theatre, shopping ... yeah, I'm a city girl.

I'll be thinking good thoughts for your friend and hope that she recovers soon!

PS - love the embroidery - I could really get into that!

Lea said...

That little girl is just adorable and it breaks my heart what her Momma's going through. I just prayed for her.
How exciting that you get to go visit a waterall over Spring Break. The boys will surely love that and I reckon their Momma will too! Hope those rhodos are bloomin big time!
Back to nature? egads Phyll.... you know how I live. lol Ummm.... nearly steppin on the possum eating catfood on our porch the other night when I ran out the door was purdy close to nature. lol
Too close for even me! haa
holykisses dear friend,
How are your lil chickies doin now? Layin eggs yet?

jojo-caramel said...

Like Sue, I've never even been camping ☂ :-D But i dream to visit the so marvellous Yosemite Park! I can't wait to see the photos of the waterfall! It must be beautiful!
All my thoughts are for your friend and her lovely little girl.
The link of the stitching group is marvellous! Have a good day my friend! Hugs :-)

The French Bear said...

Maybe we could do a stitching group Phyllis? I wanted to join in but I think it's too late.... they are almost done. I never seem to get things finished, oh well... next time.
I went out in the snow to my car, is that outdoorsy enough? I like to go for walks with my granddaughters when I visit with them..... soon.
I wish your friend a speedy recovery, I will keep her in my prayers....
Margaret B

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Phyllis, Hope you have a great Spring Break!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it --when you get home.

Sorry about that precious little girl. I will keep her and her family in my prayers.

I have so many great nature experiences --but one my fav's has to be when I had hiked down into Tallulah Gorge -and was crossing that swing bridge with the rushing water below me and the mountains high above me on both sides. Talk about AWESOME.