Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Sign up begins today for 
all problems to be put on the back burner!
You have MY 
permission to dwell on the fact that 
YOU are someone special :) 

Now tell me how pretty my flowers are. 

I don't normally buy silk flowers. 
And I wasn't looking for any either!
They jumped into my cart at Wal-mart and I didn't push them out.

I love the way they look like some wild things I collected on a walk around our farm. 

A hairy bouquet ...
something that would make me itch all over if I had picked it on a July day. 
And it would have purple thistles in it as well as  some chiggers (those invisible little bite-makers!)

No, I'm not thinking of summer. 

I love the itch-free days of winter the most! 

What about my old loving cup? 

It is my only one...

I won it back in 1921 for playing some fierce tennis.

Or something.


The French Bear said...

I love your flowers and the cup for playing fierce tennis!!! Ha ha, I like that one! That is one way to make spring come early!!!
Margaret B

see you there! said...

Those definately look like real flowers. Isn't it amazing what they do with silk flowers these days? I don't have any but I might have to get some now.

You won a loving cup because you do some fierce LOVING!


Firefly Hill said...

I like the silk flowers too...they take care of themselves! And they bloom forever. Love yours.



Manuela@TPOH said...

Those flowers look great! I use faux flowers all the time and everyone always thinks they're real!

Way to go with the trophy! You're looking really good for being a champ from way back in the day LOL!


Monica@The White Bench said...

I have some beautiful silk flowers, and I enjoy them all year round! Love how you displayed them!

Kathleen Grace said...

Lol! Ummm, I KNOW you aren't that old Phyllis! The flowers look very real and very pretty. Thanks for the permission to put problems on the back burner, just what I was needing today:>)

Whimsy Being said...

What beautiful flowers! Your blog is lovely...I will definitely be back =)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I yearn for the day when we can walk though a field and pick the real ones....m...

jojo-caramel said...

It's incredible, they look like real ones!!! They are beautiful!!! Like your Tennis Cup ! Beautiful! 1921, let me think... you were... :))) So young! Bisous bisous my dear friend xoxo

Lea said...

I would ABSOLUTELY have said those were REAL FLOWERS! GO GIRL! I wish they woulda jumped in my buggy too.
Now... 1921? EGADS... YOU LOOK maaavelous for your age!